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Welcome to Poolside Cats...

As of November 2013
Hobby breeders can
no longer ship pets.
We will meet you face to face to personally hand you your Poolside fur baby!


We breed Bengal & Savannah cats as a hobby in our home. Each and every one of our breeder cats are considered to be our pets, more so our family members who just happens to create the most A-MAZING looking cats imaginable with impeccable purrsonalities too!

PLEASE take the time to read through my site BEFORE calling or emailing with the standard question...."Got any kittens available?" We will ask for information about you, your family dynamics, do you have any pets, what are you looking for as far as breed, color, sex or pattern... When are you looking to add a new Poolside kitty to your family? Most important, what is your budget for a Poolside kitty?

The kitten page has a lot of information... Price range, color & pattern information on Bengals & Savannahs we breed for.

If you take the time to read our site you will get a feel for how important our cats and their kitties are to us. We DNA test our breeder cats for various diseases to help prevent problems for planned kittens. We feel that if vets took the time to work on DNA testing to prevent health problems in kittens - we breeders should use them. We will not offer carriers for breeding programs.

Genetic testing helps our clients to know what diseases they need not worry about... Later in the site you will see a list of the various diseases we test our breeder cats for.

There are a lot of photos on our site, along with a lot of great information to help you with your new Poolside kitty. Also information to stimulate you to think outside the box. (no pun intended!) Information on what foods we choose to feed our cats, to t
he best litter & litter box habits for the human pet parent.

Please note that the information provided here works best for our cats... Lived & Learned!

Pop over to the testim
onial page, you can see some of the Poolside cats placed - clients proudly share photos of their new family pet from us. We only have a small handful of clients with only 1 of our cats as family members...


We live in a crazy world now....
We don't welcome strangers into our home!

READ this article:
Dog breeder Lori Heimer killed inviting strangers into her house to view puppies!

Hobby breeders can no longer ship pets.
We will meet you face to face to personally hand you your Poolside fur baby!

Sometimes cheap is too expensive.

We have kittens - Click here for information!

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